Coffee of the Month: Mexican Organic Fair Trade

Every month, Nabolom Bakery will be bringing you a rotating selection of coffee blends, originating from around the world, roasted right over the border of Berkeley in Emeryville by our coffee providers, McLaughlin Coffee.

This month we bring you McLaughlin’s Mexican Dark Roast Coffee. The Mexican Dark roast, is a Fair Trade certified, organic coffee, roasted to a dark color to bring out a mild flavor with a very smooth finish in the cup. It really shines as a single varietal, with bold and flowing taste we hope you will enjoy.

Co-op Info:
The Mexican Dark Roast is sourced from two Coffee Co-Operatives, Ismam & Ramal Santa Cruz Co-ops in Chiapas Mexico. The coffee is grown in over 21 different sub regions between 900 and 1400 meters. Between the two, the co-ops have over 2400 grower members with the average farm size 1 to 10 acres.

Flavor Profile:
Mild and mellow in the cup with excellent body and a smooth, rich finish.

Certified Organic by QAI and certified Fair Trade by Transfair U.S.A.

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