Coffee of the Month: Sumatra French Roast

Every month Nabolom Bakery will be bringing you a rotating selection of coffee blends originating from around the world roasted locally in Emeryville by our coffee providers, McLaughlin Coffee.

This month we bring you a Dark Roast Coffee from the Aceh region of Sumatra. Traditionally one of the most heavily-bodied coffees in the world, the Sumatra French is one of the darkest roasts in drip coffee, just a few grades short of espresso.

The coffee from Sumatra has long been considered some of the best from all Indonesia and is ideal for those who prefer a smooth finish to the cup with little to no acidity.

Co-op Info:

Permata Gayo Cooperative is located in the Bandar & Permata regions of Aceh.  They specialize in small farm co-operatives with less than 100 growers per farm.

Flavor Profile:

Very heavily-bodied with rich flavors and a smooth finish.

Certified Organic by Control Union and certified Fair Trade by Transfair U.S.A.

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