Nabolom Community

Nabolom is proud to be an integral part of the East Bay community. We’re more than just a cafe–we’re a space for study sessions, art shows, Free Skool classes, band practices, field trips, and improv piano performances. We hope to be a warm and welcoming place for every person who walks through our doors. People have grown up eating our pastries and make special visits to us because our pastries taste like home.

We love all our customers, both regular and new, and welcome each patron into our giant extended family. We’d love to feature you on this Community Page and thank you for being so loyal. Please email your photo and/or description to nabolombakery (at)

Moira Roth at Nabolom Bakery

Moira Roth
has been coming daily to Nabolom for the last twenty-five years, and recently—during the fall of 2010—she sat by the café window, notebook in hand, writing a series of autobiographical texts, calling them “Reflections in the Café.” This illustrated memoir,
“Fragments of an Autobiography or Remembering in the House of Time: From London to Wisconsin, 1933-2010,” together with her poem,” The House of Time,” can now be found on the Web in issue 54, “Women’s Voices from the House of Time,” of the online American Studies Journal, based in Germany.

Moira is currently the blogger for the 18th Biennale of Sydney.