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Cakes and other special items here



Famous Cinnamon Twist $2.65
Morning Bun $3.00
Cheese Danish $3.25
Fruit Cheese Danishes
Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, or Cherry $3.25
Brown Sugar Snail $3.00
Poppy Seed Roll $3.00
Very Sticky Bun (v) $3.25
Cran-Apple Bar $3.25
Mushroom & Cheese Empanada $2.50


Butter $2.50
Chocolate $3.00
Sharp Herb Cheddar $3.00
Almond $3.00


The Standards:
Chocolate Chip, Oat House, Peanut Butter $1.50
Sunflower Sesame (wf) $1.50
Josephine (gf) $1.50
Macaroon (gf) $1.50
Toll House
 (5-inch chewy chocolate chip cookie with walnuts) $2.50
Double Chocolate (v) $1.50
Oatmeal Raisin (v, wf) $1.50
Snickerdoodle (v) $2.50


Pumpkin Walnut $2.50
Blueberry Cobbler $2.50
Lemon Poppy Seed (gf) $2.75
Apple Barley (wf) $2.50
Blueberry-Apricot Bran $2.50
Cherry-Raisin Bran $2.50
Walnut Chocolate Banana-Oat-Bran (v, wf) $2.75
Blackberry Pecan Banana-Oat-Bran (v, wf) $2.75
Cranberry-Orange Walnut (v) $2.50


Blackberry $2.75
Lemon Blueberry $2.75
Apple Pecan (v) $2.75
Cheddar Cornmeal Spinach (gf) $3.00


Walnut Brownie $3.00
Ooey Gooey Brownie (v, gf) $3.00


Cheese Cake $25 Cake/$2.75 Slice
Chocolate Mousse Pie (v, gf) $32 Cake/$3.75 Slice
Sour-Cream Coffee Cake  $5.00 Loaf
(made with apricots, cherries & blueberries) $13 8-inch, $17 12-inch


Challah (Plain, Poppy Seed, Sesame Seed) $2.50/$3.75
Multi-Grain (M,W,F) $2.50/$3.75
Whole Wheat (T,R,Sat&Sun) $2.50/$3.75
Egg-Bread Cheese Rolls $2.00
Spiral Galaxy Cheese Roll $3.25
Spiral Cheese Nautilus $6.00
 (special order only)


Sandwich (w/e cheese) $7.25
Sandwich (v) $7.00
Pizza $3.35/slice


Coffee & Espresso

We get our coffee from McLaughlin Coffee, a local roaster which Nabolom has worked with for over 15 years. All coffees served are certified Organic & Fair Trade.

Espresso $1.50/$1.75
Americano $1.75/$2.00
Macchiato $1.75/$2.25
Latte $3.25/$3.75
Cappuccino $2.75/$3.25
Mocha $3.50/$4.00
8 oz./12 oz./16 oz.
House Blend Drip Coffee $1.50/$2.00/$2.25
Refill: $0.50/$0.75/$1.00
Cold Press Coffee
Coffee grounds steeped for 8 hours, then strained.
The result is a brew with 50% less acidity than drip.
Super smooth for iced-coffee! ———/$2.50/$3.00
Red-Eye (Coffee with a shot of espresso) $1.75/$2.25/$2.75
Café Au Lait ———/$2.25/$2.75
Hot Cocoa $1.75/$2.50/$3.00
Organic Masala Chai
Brewed with whole spices that we allow to simmer
for over 2 hours, served hot or cold, made to enjoy. ———/$3.25/$4.00
Steamer $1.50
Hot Tea
(Yogi, Traditional Medicinal and Twinings) $1.75
Italian Soda $2.50
Organic Homemade Ice Tea
Hibiscus Spearmint or Black  $2.25
Soy $0.50
Extra Shot $0.50
Syrup $0.50
(v=vegan, wf=wheat-free, gf=gluten-free)
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